Free Hemp Oil for Pain & Anxiety Relief - 5000mg of Pure Extract - Best Premium Organic - Colorado Grown - 100% Natural Sleep Aid - High in Omega 3-6-9 - Helps Brain Skin & Hair - Zero THC CBD Cannabidiol

  • BEST HEMP OIL FOR PAIN & ANXIETY – We’re different; Our premium formula offers maximum absorption and increased bioavailability. It works fast to help alleviate stress and anxiety, calm a racing mind, boost mood, improve relaxation and acts as a natural sleep aid. It’s the purest, full profile extract available legally and can increase focus, boost brain activity, lower inflammation, ease pain, calm strained muscles, soothe stiffness, relieve back & joint pain and help support weight loss
  • 100% ORGANIC, FRESH & PURE – Our proprietary blend gives a complete entourage effect that includes phytonutrients, antioxidants, natural terpenes and flavonoids with ZERO additives or artificial flavors. Our extract is created in small batches using only the finest strains of non-GMO, organic hemp - direct from Colorado farms. This unique, small batch method ensures freshness, potency and purity resulting in a full profile hemp oil with ultra-concentrated levels of all of the healing nutrients
  • HEMP OIL THAT WORKS – Our organic hemp oil has undergone a molecular separation process that allows it to bind to cells and receptors offering ultimate effectiveness for pain management and anxiety relief. Through our cold, CO2 based extraction, all of the nutrients beneficial to the regenerative properties are left intact. Dosed daily allows the extract to continue to build in your system thereby increasing the effect. Great tasting natural flavor blends easily into smoothies, coffee & tea!
  • HIGHEST PURITY AVAILABLE LEGALLY, SAFE, 3RD PARTY TESTED – Our mission is to connect and heal through the incredible power of plants. We put our heart and soul into every batch of hemp oil that leaves our facility ensuring we provide the industry’s highest quality hemp extract. Our organic hemp extract oil is processed and tested in a fully compliant and registered facility ensuring consistency, purity and potency. Our hemp oil is never tested on animals and is non-GMO, gluten free and Vegan
  • FAMILY OWNED, FARM FRESH AND COLORADO PROUD – As a USA, family owned business, we care deeply about where our ingredients come from. We source from farms rather than factories to ensure we are able to consistently maintain the purest, ultra-concentrated hemp oil on the market. In order to provide a pure, premium supplement extract at a great price, we are vertically integrated, essentially passing the savings in our supply chain directly to you, our customer!

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